We represent pharmaceutical laboratories high scientific and technological background, which allows us to offer excellent quality products at prices in accordance with the economic and social reality of the country.

Since our beginnings we have incorporateda group of executives completely identified with the Company’s project and with true service spirit, that allow us to be very close to the medical professional and pharmacist, to let you know the qualities of the products.

The end consumer recognizes our company and our products as reliable for its high quality and affordable prices.

After a long search for Pharmaceutical laboratories of recognized prestige and obtain Representations and sanitary registrations of the respective products, on April 25, 2002 San Fernando starts its activities with 10 employees andcommercializing four products.

Who we are

Under the slogan “The remedy with social sense”, we register, import and sell pharmaceutical products for human use, for which we are exclusive representatives from prestigious foreign laboratories.


Since the remedy is the relief and recovery of health that we seek for a disease, we have social sense because with our products got our whole society to improve their quality of life.

In San Fernando, we work in a pleasant organizational environment, with respect and mutual support, with constant focus on improving our quality of life and efficiency of our work.

Working team

We are an integrated force, our cohesionis expressed with solidarity and a sense of belonging that make us strengthen values, attitudes, common standards of conduct to achieve our goals.

Human Resources

Our Company has a highly qualified group of professionals, of outstanding performance and experience in each of the areas within it. This high professionalism has allowed us, in a short period of time; to achieve optimal results efficiency, competence and productivity in our Business objectives.